Mirroring cell phone to TV screen

Within my job, I'm asked on a frequent basis to do things with technology, after all I am an infrastructure engineer, so that's basically all I do. As a result I'll likely blog some miscellaneous stuff on here from time to time.

This time, it's "I need to have a cell phone screen mirrored onto that conference room TV, now". Obviously the time frame is a bit of an exaggeration considering the boss is not in the office, but the point is the same. Considering we all have access to mobile phones/cell phones in today's day and era, it really comes down to the branding and make of both TV and phone, to allow for the mirroring technique to work.

Our conference room TV is a big 60inch lcd Samsung, and the obvious choice that first comes to mind, is try a Samsung phone.

Samsung 60" LCD = Menu, network functions, smart options, mirroring.
Cell phone =

My first attempt at this was with a Samsung galaxy, and I was presented with a successful connection, and an immediate error "Connection failed: Hardware failure", which was a disappointment, as the error has no code, or way of identifying if it's the handset or the TV, which is having the problem.

I then tried with an LG G2 phone, using the following settings.

Samsung 60" LCD = Menu, network functions, smart options, mirroring.
LG G2 = settings > share & connect> miracast "on"> Click on miracast> Connect to tv in available devices.

The LG G2 phone worked, because of the built in sharing facility of Miracast, This software will miracast devices which are built on an android operating system, and it does it very well. If you're interested in this ability to mirror your phone to your tv, then look for the MiraCast options on your future smart phones.

One active it seamlessly and instantly transmits what you're doing on your phone to your TV, and scales it appropriately.

The hardware failure I experienced with the Samsung I believe could be due to the resolution of the Samsung phone, as it is a 780p, and the LG is 1080p, I've yet to test on a third device to isolate the resolution as the problem. I will update if I test any further.

If anyone is wondering why you'd want to mirror your phone to your TV, well there are the following reasons.

1. You want to share videos and photos, to a room full of people.
2. You're an app developer and you're discussing the application your building.
3. You just fancy playing games on the big screen. (I tried this with asteroids & Pacman).
4. You're just a technology geek and want to see if you can get this to work with your handset.
5. You want to Skype someone and have them displayed on the big screen.

All of which are reasonably good reasons for doing such a thing, and I'm sure there's many more.

Blog Posted: 2014-08-31 14:20:59
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